On 25 April 2024 the Australian and New Zealand Governments will conduct Anzac Day services at Gallipoli, Türkiye.

All tour operators attending the commemorative services must complete an application to register their coach for an accreditation pass. The accreditation pass must be displayed in the front window or dashboard of all vehicles so that they can be easily viewed.

You can register for tour coach accreditation below. Applications must be submitted by the closing date of 17 April 2024.

Following closure of the accreditation process, tour coach accreditation passes will be issued at the tour coach registration checkpoint at Kilye Cove from 11:00 pm on 24 April until 3:00 am on 25 April 2024.

The tour guide and all patrons on the tour coach must have their own attendance pass.  You can register for an attendance pass at https://commemorations.teg.com.au/gallipoli/

Details Price Qty
Tour Coach Registration $0.00 (AUD)